Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memorial Service

My Great Uncle Charles pasted away in April and we had his memorial service on May 14th. It was a great service and really good to see everyone on that side of the family. Here are some of the pictures from the after party:

Here is Grandma Brown with too many beers. What can I say, it was a really great party!

This is Natasha and her daughter Avery, I didn't even know that she had another baby. She was so adorable, whenever you ask her who the princess is she would raise her hand.

This is Aunt Neva with Aunt Suchie.

And here is one of Jennifer and Wayne. They live in California and had not seen me since I was still in grade school. It was really fun to see them.

I FINALLY got a good picture of cousin Debbie and Jim. Every time I seem to take a picture of them they are making funny faces.

Here is Grandma and Grandpa Brown (after all of the beers... haha).

Dad and Diane posed for a picture too.

Funerals are so bitter sweet. It is a great time to remember family and the time that we get to spend together while we are here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Congrats Matt and Kari

My Aunt Kari is getting MARRIED!! She has been dating Matt for about a year or two and he popped the question right before heading off on their Cancun trip.

They haven't set a date yet, but will probably be sometime in the fall. It all kind of depends on what venue will fit the amount of people they will be inviting. Matt has a pretty big family.

This is a picture of Matt with Poco, Kari's dog. Poco loves Matt, I think sometimes more than Kari. So he passed the test :)

Mother's Day and B-Day Parties

We went over to my mom's house for Mother's Day and celebrated all of the moms and Russell's and my birthdays. Here is a picture of all of the moms - DeAnne (my Aunt), Shelley (my Mom) and Lenore (my Grandma). It was very fun to see everyone and eat such great food.

We got some great stuff for our birthday's too... Here is Russ with our new clapper. Haha, we are so lazy that we need this in order to turn off the lights before we go to bed. It has been working great so far.

This is what my mom got for Mother's Day from my little brother (and probably a little Geir too). They tore out all of the grass in the front yard and adding landscaping instead. It looks so much better. The plants in the front are suppose to grow about 5-6 ft tall and will make the little sitting area secluded.
Overall it was an great day and amazing weekend.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

10K Fever!!

This weekend was our 10k race. Steven and Raime came up to run it with us. Steven wasn't able to run the race with us because he has gout on his knee. So he decided to sit this one out. It was a painful race, but Russ came in FIRST in his age group and I took SECOND in my age group!!! We saw lots of fun people there racing with us and got some fun pictures.
These are my racing buddies, Natalie (with her sister) and Sheri (with her kids). They rocked the race too!!
Here are our before race pictures, and the starting race line. This was the 10k racers all lined up ready for take off.

Here we are about a 1/4 mile into the race. At this point we were still willing to smile and give thumbs up. Near the end I was not willing to do anything but barely lift my feet off the ground.

Here is our after race photo, we are a lot more tired than we look, I promise.

After the race we ate some great pizza at Garlic Jim's and then relaxed our legs in the hot tub. After a much needed shower we went down to Marina Beach in Edmonds and had a little BBQ and took some fun pictures.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Annie and Herbert

Today we met Herbert, Annie Wilcox new HUSBAND!!! Yay, they were married a week ago and are on their way to FLORDIA. They are going to spend the summer there while Herbert works and then move to Idaho to finish up two years of school.
It was so good to see them and get to hear more about the past year and what their plans for the future are. We wish them the very best!!!

They are such a cute couple and compliment each other perfectly!!!