Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It Runs in the Family

We really liked this picture that we took at the zoo. We thought it was very descriptive of how my parents house looks on Saturday morning. My mom is on the right and my step dad on the left. But then we realized that that is how our house looks on Saturday morning as well. Casey on the right and Russ on the left ... haha!

Our Anniversary Take Two

After the Zoo we went to the Japanese Gardens. They were so beautiful. This was the sign at the entrance warning us what was to come. But there were actually 32 stairs at the top... LIARS... :)
Here is a Haiku tablet from the garden. The Haiku was about the weather being so beautiful in the new found place in this garden, it was pretty cool.
We were able to get someone to take a picture of us while we were in the garden.
After the Japanese Gardens we went to the Rose Garden that was just down the way from there. There were roses everywhere and of every color you could possibly imagine.

We both took pictures next to the pretty roses... there were lots of people there that were taking pictures, like seniors in high school and models too. We just took pictures for our scrapbook...

Our Anniversary

To celebrate our anniversary we went down to Portland, Oregon. We first went to the Portland Zoo, there were so many different animals, so much better than the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. We actually were able to see the animals. Here are some of the animals that we saw. This was the biggest eagle that I have ever seen...!! He was a little testy so the trainer had to come and get him.

This bear was hilarious, he just kept walking the perimeter of his pen. He had the cutest little waddle.

This elephant kept trying to eat the rocks. I hope they feed them better than that...