Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Connor Walking/Driving

Connor driving his CAT. Thanks Aunt Amanda and Uncle Matt!!!


Connor removing duct tape that I put on the drawer to prevent him from throwing my kitchen towels all over the floor.
Connor loves to open and close doors and play some peek a boo

Connor 11 Months

Sorry for all the pictures, I couldn't decide on one for his 11 month picture. Connor is up to no good as usual. New things he is doing this month include:
-Is really improving at walking holding only one of my hands
-Walks with his CAT truck or push cart. He's getting good at turning around so we don't have to start him over each time he gets to a wall.
-Shows me where the light and Collin is (the boy I watch)
-Is improving at reading with us. He usually just closes the book and tries to chew on it, now he lets us read it to him. Super cute!!
-Gets mad when he doesn't get his way and hits me. Super fun...
-Likes to take things off the shelf (books, movies, etc) and throw them on the floor. He used to hand them to us, now he THROWS them.
-Tries to take the duct tape off things he is not suppose to get into, sometimes he is successful.
-Walks along everything.
-Loves the mirror
-Likes to watch cars go by
-His newest word is "oh" it is pretty adorable. There is a picture of him doing it below.