Saturday, February 11, 2012

Connor 10 Months Old

Holy Cow, time flies!!!

I couldn't decide on one picture, so I am using them all. Here is what Connor is up to at 10 Months old:
-Pulls himself up on everything
-Loves opening and closing things (more like slamming things), like the cupboard doors or doors in general
-Will walk with you using one hand (usually he won't walk unless he is holding both of your hands)
-His first word might be "Yeah." He says it all the time
-Loves to copy what we are doing.
-Eating more table foods
-Has four teeth
-Started using a sippe cup, so cute!!
-Started waving, the first time he did it I was super late to an appointment. I couldn't leave it was so cute!!
-Points at things he wants with his whole hand