Monday, October 27, 2008

New Jobs

So today was my first day of work at Washington Mutual (a.k.a. Chase). It was awesome, the people were great and the work so much more relaxing. A very nice change from T-Mobile. The people were really nice there too, but you never got to talk to any of them. It also has all the same perks as T-Mobile, included discounted rates for home loans, which will come in handy.

The other good news is that Russ also go a new job, or a job offer for the winter. He will be working at Hascal and Sjoholm accounting firm in Everett. It is the biggest firm in Everett, but it is the only office. They are definitely growing though, as this is the first year they started actively looking for interns at Western. He will be there for the tax season and then they also usually have the interns work a couple of hours a week while in school.

We are really excited about the new jobs that we both have and hopefully things will continue to work out. Hopefully we will be able to update you soon on things that are going on.