Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DC Trip

Wow, I know. I totally forgot to post pictures from our DC trip. Again, better late than never... :) We went to Washington DC at the end of June for Jeff's (Russ's oldest brother) wedding. We decided to go a little early and experience DC and celebrate our four year anniversary.
This is one of Washington's statutes inside the U.S. capitol. We were given a tour by one of Patty Murray's interns. We met in the Russell Senate office building (see below) and took an underground train to the capitol. On the train we ran into John Kerry.
This is Russell's building.
Connor did not like this photo. The snake may have scared him.Connor really liked watching the fish swim around. This was in one of the museums.

There was a great exhibit of photography. The pictures were amazing and it was fun to pose in front of them.
The Capitol Building
The White House, it was a lot more difficult to get to than I thought. It was a really hot and humid day and we got a little lost trying to find it.
This was a cool height measurement in the gift shop at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Russ measured 1,631,000 in 100$ notes, Connor only measured about $100,000.
Here is Connor next to the new hundred dollar bill that is coming out soon.
Russ and Connor in the space ship
These are the old desks and chamber where Congress met.

This is at Arlington National Cemetery. Connor and I in front of the Tomb of the Lost Soldiers.

Here is the changing of the guard, there were a ton of people there. I got in trouble because I was trying to see what was going on and kneeled down between some people and they told me that was disrespectful. So I got back up and felt bad.

Connor Rolls Over

Connor is rolling over. It is really funny, he hates being on his tummy and can't roll back over. So he wiggles around like a fish. Now we can not leave him anywhere by himself. I will put him in his crib while I change and then I hear him start whimpering and find that he had rolled over and can't get back. It's fairly amusing.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Connor, Maren and Aiden

Our good friends Luke and Lindsey also had a baby two days after Connor was born. Her name is Maren. They are already the best of friends. We were over visiting with them and David and Cody and got some pictures. David and Cody have an 18 month son, named Aiden and they were all playing.

Fourth Of July Weekend

This was Connor's first year in the Lake Cavanaugh Parade. Grandpa drives the the fire truck and Connor was able to get some pictures with his Great Grandpa.

Here is Connor drooling all over his Lake Cavanaugh Shirt. I don't know why the picture keeps turning sideways. But it is still adorable with his sideways hat.

Here is Connor on his first paddle boat ride. On the first one he fell asleep the whole time, the next one he was able to look around and have fun.Connor also took his first dip in the lake. He really liked his life jacket and sucked on the edges. Here is the video from his first dip. It is a family tradition to dip the babies in the lake. I have this picture of my mom dipping me in the lake and I started screaming!! Connor was like whatever, this is no big deal. Then we went in the hot tub to warm up and he didn't mind at all. He is so laid back.
This was so cute. All of the shoes were lined up at the front door, including Connor's little sandals.

This weekend we also celebrated Jake's 16th birthday. I can't believe my little brother is actually driving. He stopped by to show us his license on the 5th, the first day he was able to get this license. He was driving around everywhere. We are so proud of him!

Connor Watching T.V.

I was folding laundry and Connor was laying on the bed and started watching the movie I had on. So I put him in his chair and let him enjoy watching Wall-E. It was awesome and I was able to get the laundry done too.

Connor Three Months Old

-Has started to suck on his thumb (against my wishes and constant trying to get him to stop)
-Likes to be held more often (ever since our DC trip when he was held the whole time)
-Will fall asleep by himself occasionally
-Drools a lot
-Can sit up with some help
-Can hold his head up without wobbling
-Rolls over from back to front (he gets upset when he is on his back, so we are not sure why he keeps rolling over... ;)
-Likes to grab cloths and put them in his mouth
-Eats like crazy
-Likes to watch television (or at least observe the movements on the television)