Thursday, April 22, 2010

Russell's Birthday

So not much has happened from Christmas to Russ's Birthday. Except study and taking the CPA tests. But there are not any fun pictures that can go with that.
Here are some pictures from Russ's birthday, he turned the big 25. The only good thing about this age is that our car insurance premiums go down, wahoo!!

We went for a walk down to a local park and took some fun pictures and then came back and had some cake/rice crispy treats.

I went out and bought these candles the other day and didn't really pay attention to the type of candles they were, they were just the cheapest. Well they turned out to be the type that relight themselves... oops. It was pretty amusing watching him try to blow out the candles over and over again.

I'll just say it didn't work out so well for Russell, but I thought it was hilarious!!!


Sorry this is like four months late, but I have to catch up.

Christmas this year was crazy. On Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt Terri's house in Carnation and had the classic Hall Christmas dinner of pizza. After we opened presents we had the annual Christmas Wrapping Paper Fight. I caught some cool pictures of the action.
Then on Christmas Day we woke up and went to my mom's house in Edmonds and had breakfast and opened presents. While we all enjoyed our loot, Christmas dinner was cooking. After we ate dinner we had our annual food coma enduced after Christmas dinner nap. It was pretty amazing.

Then we raced over to Russ's parents house on Christmas night. All of his family came home for Christmas, so we spent the rest of the weekend with them. It was fun to see everyone again and eat so much amazing food! We were also able to take family photo, which was really fun and entertaining.