Monday, September 12, 2011

Connor is Officially Sitting Up

Yay, Connor is officially sitting up. I took this video this morning. We have been working on sitting up all week. He usually needed help and would fall over right away. He finally sat up all by himself. Our next goal is for him to get himself in the sitting position.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Connor Checking Out His Hands

Lately Connor has been checking out his hands. He looks at them as if he is trying to decide what to do with them. It is so adorable. Every time I try to catch him doing it on video he gets camera shy. But this time I got him... lol

Our New Dining Room Table

Russell finally sanded and refinished our dining room table. So not really a new table, it just looks brand new!!! He did a fabulous job and worked really hard to get it to look this great.

Connor Five Months Old

Has started spitting to keep himself entertained, I think he learned it from his cousin... :)
Rolls around like crazy
No longer takes a pacifier
Teething has become more dramatic - more crying, less sleeping and eating
Likes to eat his feet
Tries to sit up when he is lying down and ends up rolling over instead
Rolls all over the place
Sucks on anything you put near his mouth
Likes bath time, he kicks like crazy and gets Mom all wet
Continues to jump all the time, even when you are holding him
He tries to use his legs to crawl, but he doesn't have the arms figured out yet (thank goodness)
Loves watching motion