Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Connor Playing in the Snow

We got about five inches of snow in the last few days, so today Connor and I went out to play in it. It took us twenty minutes to get all bundled up and after five minutes of playing Connor was done. There was so much snow and he was so bundled that he couldn't really crawl or walk. So we got some pictures and went inside.

Connor Nine Month's Old

Connor is now nine months old and so big. He is 29 inches long and weighs about 20 pounds. He is now:
-Climbing on everything.
-Doesn't want to sit, either walks or crawls.
-Starting to eat real foods, we are still learning to chew so it has been an exciting experience.
-Says mama and dada, but I don't think he knows what he is say yet. He usually says mama when he is upset and dada when he is happy... LAME
-Still only has two teeth, but his top ones are coming in anytime.
-Still makes lots of noise, especially when it is quiet (like during sacrament meeting or the city hall meeting)
-Makes new sounds everyday.
-Loves to watch Collin (the boy I nanny) and play with whatever he is playing with.
-When in a crawling position he tries to stand up by straightening his legs, but doesn't have the balance to get up yet. So then he gives up and sits down.
-Loves to walk when we hold his hands and walk with him. He will not move unless we are holding both hands. It is pretty funny.

That is all I can think of now. Stay tuned for snow pictures, we have about four inches of snow and it is still dumping.

Connor's First Christmas

Connor's new skill, standing and walking along things.
He also learned how to climb the stairs on Christmas Eve
He loves to walk, as long as you are holding onto his hands.
Connor loves his new CAT toys.
Connor with Grandma Straume and Aunt DeAnne.
Connor with Grandma and Grandpa Rigby in the Rigby grandkid photo.
Connor with Uncle Matt, Aunt Kari and Baby Lucas.
Connor with Grandma and Grandpa Hall.
Connor and Grandpa Hall
Connor and Grandma Brown

It was good times for the Rigby's visiting all the family!

Connor with Santa

There is a story behind the shoeless Connor. We waited in line for about 30-40 minutes and Connor did not want his shoes on. He kept taking them off. We preferred a happy Connor for the pictures than a shoed Connor :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Christmas Photo

Connor's First Haircut

Connor's hair was getting a little long around his ears, so we decided it was time to trim. I had a really hard time not getting upset, Russ had to finish for me. My little baby is growing up. I, of course, saved the hair and it will go in his baby book.