Thursday, May 26, 2011

Connor Two Months Old

-Never stops moving (as you can see in the picture, I couldn't get him to stop kicking enough to take the picture.)
-He has to be swaddled for him to stay asleep, otherwise he wakes himself up.
-Will sit or lay and entertain himself for a little while.
-Makes a lot more coos and grunts
-Doesn't like to give into sleep, has to be rocked with a pacifier.
-Doesn't like to sleep with a pacifier.
-Will put himself to sleep at night.
-Gets upset if you don't change his diaper right away.
-Sucks on his hands a lot
-Has started to sleep through the night
-Still doesn't like to be held when he is playing.

Baby's First Bath

If you can see Connor did not like his first bath. He didn't feel supported, like he was going to fall or be dropped. We tried to soothe him with his pacifier, but no luck. His second bath was a little more successful. He didn't really cry, just a little whimpering. When I was taking him out he really got mad and started crying. I think he got a little cold, so I tried to console him before we got him dressed and dry him off a little bit, this is how he repaid me...
Now he is starting to like baths. He doesn't cry at all and kicks his feet in the water. Which just annoys me, getting water all over the place.

Connor One Month Old

Connor was a month old on May 8, 2011.
  • He likes to stare at things, especially our ceiling fan. Who needs toys, we have a fan.
  • He will sit in his high chair and make faces at us and sit happy for a little while.
  • When he is held he holds his head up looking around.
  • Doesn't really like to cuddle or anything
  • Doesn't like tummy time, he cries anytime I make him do it
  • Has started smiling when we smile at him
  • Makes coos and grunts a lot
  • Is a really noisy sleeper
  • Doesn't like to be swaddled
  • Wakes up about three times a night
  • Gets upset if we wait too long to change his diaper

Funny Faces

Lately Connor has been making some really funny faces.
Right now he has this schedule where he wakes up, eats and then is really happy and playful. About 30-60 minutes later he gets crabby because he is tired and goes to sleep. And then it starts over again.

This face means you are a freak and I don't know what you think is so funny.
This face means he is scared of the faces I am making at him.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kari and Matt's Wedding

My Aunt Kari got married on April 30th to Matt Lucas. He is super cool and I am so excited for them. Keep in mind that Connor was 3 weeks old so my body was not back to normal yet and I had to be fitted for the dress about a week after giving birth. Kari looked beautiful of course and that is all that mattered. My mom, me and Kari's friend Lynette were the bridesmaids. The morning started with getting our hairand makeup done at Gene Juarez and then going to Country Village to get dressed and for the wedding. Followed by pictures and breast feeding :) The ceremony was beautiful. My Uncle Chris married them and my brother's girlfriend, Lindsey, sang a song for them. Everyone cried during the rehearsal, but I was able to control the tears until the actual day. I totally lost it and then lost it again during my mom's toast to the married couple. At the salon the girls told us that no one was allowed to cry or all of the make up would run down the faces. Oh well. After the ceremony we had the toasts, lots of food and the cake cutting followed by a lot of dancing. It was super fun and gorgeous. I was able to get some video of the dancing:

Baby Photo Shoot

When Connor was a week old we went down to Vancouver for a photo shoot. My sister in law took the pictures in her mini studio. Everyone was able to meet the little guy too which was nice since we don't get to see them very often.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

He Has Arrived

Connor arrived on 4/8/11 at 7:55am at Providence Hospital in Everett, WA. He weighed 7lbs, 11 oz. I had a OB appointment on the 7th and they determined that my blood pressure was too high and that combined with how swollen I was they sent me to triage to be induce. By the time they ordered the pitocin to induce me my water broke. Apparently I caused some stress to the baby by weeding my flower beds (I was trying to induce labor...) and he pooped in the sack. So when my water broke it was green, good thing I was at the hospital already. If that would have happened at home I would have freaked out! I labored throughout the night not sleeping at all. Neither did my mom, Russ or my friend Cody. They were all there to help me. I reached 10cm dilated and started pushing at 6:55am and he was born an hour later. Because he pooped in the sack there was a respiratory team in my room too, it seemed like there were 20 people in my room, but it was probably more like ten. They took Connor right over to the baby station to check him out. He was wheezing a little bit, so they decided to take him to the NICU. I was able to hold him for a few minutes before they took him. I was being stitched up by the doctor. Connor was posterior with
the cord wrapped around his neck. But he is fine, just tore me up a bit. By they time I was all cleaned up and back in bed Russ and Connor came back from the NICU. He was only there for about 45 minutes, but it totally freaked me out. We stayed in the hospital until the next afternoon and then were released. Thank goodness, we were really ready to leave and that he was finally here. Here are some pictures: