Monday, April 6, 2009

Kim and Ryan VanderVeen

I finally got some pictures from an unknown source from the wedding. All of my pictures did not turn out too well and I didn't get to take any at the reception.

Here is the beautiful couple coming out of the temple after they were just sealed for all time and eternity.

Oh, and did I mention that is snowed all day and night before the wedding day. It was a little cold so Kim was able to wear a little coat to keep warm.

It did make for some really great pictures, with all of the snow, it was a winter wonderland.

Here are the pictures that mysteriously showed up on our door today. These are at the reception. Russell and I were part of the bridal party, that is why I have a wonderful blue dress and he has a cool blue vest. We were not the same color because I "walked down the aisle" with Ryan's brother and Russell walked with Kacee (Kim's best friend).
My hair totally died by this point and I did not care. Everything was very beautiful, and as always it went way too fast.

Our Future...

So it has been a while since I have last written... sorry about that. Lots has happened, so let me catch you up. Russell has been accepted to the University of Washington's accounting masters program. Apparently it is really hard to get into or something, they only accept 45 people to the program a year, so I am very proud of him. So since he will be going to school there and probably getting an internship there for next winter we are going to be staying in Bellingham. I know it makes so much sense. We just feel like it is not our time to move away from all that is going on here. I finally have a job that I look forward to going to each day and don't want to destroy everyone I come in contact with. Anyways, Russell is going to drive to Everett each day and take a bus into Seattle for school. It is only four days a week so at least it won't be so bad and he is already driving to Everett each day for his internship, so it won't be much of a change for him. He will be able to do homework on the bus both ways.
As for my job/life... we are starting the conversion process. We have the new uniforms started and the training for the new systems have begun. It is going to be a long process that is suppose to be done by this summer, but who knows. It sure keeps things interesting.
We sure are excited for the spring weather we have had these past three days, hopefully it is here to stay. Russell and I have been wanting to try out our new tennis rackets. That is all for now, we shall see what the future has in store for us.