Friday, November 11, 2011

More Standing

I took these pictures this morning, with my camera rather than my phone. What a big boy!

Sometimes Connor gets mad when I take a lot of pictures of him. He gets this face that says: what are you doing you crazy person, are you done yet...?

Connor with Pacifiers

Connor stopped taking a pacifier months ago, but he has found a new use for the ones we have. He chews on them, it is pretty funny.

Connor Standing

Yesterday I put Connor in his crib so I could go brush my teeth, this is what I found when I came back to check on him. HOLY COW!! He pulled himself up on the side of his crib and stood up ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I was so proud and scared at the same time. He is growing up so fast, I guess it is about time to move the mattress down so he doesn't fall out.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Connor Standing at the Window

Connor would rather stand than sit. He really likes to stand at the window and watch the cars drive by, or eat the window. It is a pretty fun experience for all involved.

Lunging Forward

Connor starting lunging forward to get toys. We have been trying to get him to crawl to them, but this is about as close as we have gotten.

Connor Seven Months

My goodness, I can not believe he is seven months already. He is growing so fast and getting more and more active each day. Here is what he has been up to lately:
-Sitting up like a champ, and can now look around and behind himself without falling over.
-Has started eating solids twice a day.
-Laughs at himself and us when we do something silly.
-Starting to use a pacifier, as a teether
-Is truly starting to teethe - he has been drooling non-stop for four months, so we thought he was teething this whole time, but now he is starting to show signs of pain.
-Puts everything in his mouth.
-Lunges forward into a crawling position
-Will scoot a little while sitting and in the crawling position
-Remembers where things are - when searching for a toy or when something is always there and then removed.
-Is super noisy - babbles and Russ swears that he says dada
-Looks around at everything, will push you away if you are in
the way of what he is looking at
-Tries to suck on our faces and does raspberries
-Will stand by himself if holding onto something, like his crib.
-Pulls himself up on things into a standing position.
That's our sweet boy. He is so fun to play with and watch him learn new things everyday!

Reading with Daddy

This is another part of the bedtime routine. I just thought it was so cute, Connor looking at the book and then he looks up at Russ. This is my favorite part of putting Connor to sleep.

Bath Time Fun

Connor loves taking baths. We started them daily as part of his bedtime routine. We gave him his rubber ducks a few weeks ago and he LOVES them. If we don't put them in the bath with him right away he gets upset. One night he just leaned back, relaxed with his arm over the little tub, and started sucking on a duck. Here is our censored photo: