Thursday, December 8, 2011

Connor is EIGHT Months old!!

Oh my goodness, I can not believe it. They grow so fast. Here is what Connor has been up to the past few weeks:

-Finally got some teeth in!! Bottom two
-Army crawling, once in a while he will try on his hands and knees.
-Can pull himself up on things, like tables, parents and chairs
-Is very determined, doesn't give up when there is something he wants
-Never stops moving
-Loves to watch people or interact with them
-Still chews on everything
-Tries to feed himself, still working on the pincer technique
-Doesn't like to be put down, bummer right. He gets over it
-Loves the mirror
-Only likes to eat fruits, or sweet foods. I'm already hiding veggies in his foods, not good.
-Still super noisy, with increased sounds everyday.

It is such a blessing to be able to stay home with my little guy. I look forward to what he learns next. Thanks to all who follow this blog.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More Standing

I took these pictures this morning, with my camera rather than my phone. What a big boy!

Sometimes Connor gets mad when I take a lot of pictures of him. He gets this face that says: what are you doing you crazy person, are you done yet...?

Connor with Pacifiers

Connor stopped taking a pacifier months ago, but he has found a new use for the ones we have. He chews on them, it is pretty funny.

Connor Standing

Yesterday I put Connor in his crib so I could go brush my teeth, this is what I found when I came back to check on him. HOLY COW!! He pulled himself up on the side of his crib and stood up ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I was so proud and scared at the same time. He is growing up so fast, I guess it is about time to move the mattress down so he doesn't fall out.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Connor Standing at the Window

Connor would rather stand than sit. He really likes to stand at the window and watch the cars drive by, or eat the window. It is a pretty fun experience for all involved.

Lunging Forward

Connor starting lunging forward to get toys. We have been trying to get him to crawl to them, but this is about as close as we have gotten.

Connor Seven Months

My goodness, I can not believe he is seven months already. He is growing so fast and getting more and more active each day. Here is what he has been up to lately:
-Sitting up like a champ, and can now look around and behind himself without falling over.
-Has started eating solids twice a day.
-Laughs at himself and us when we do something silly.
-Starting to use a pacifier, as a teether
-Is truly starting to teethe - he has been drooling non-stop for four months, so we thought he was teething this whole time, but now he is starting to show signs of pain.
-Puts everything in his mouth.
-Lunges forward into a crawling position
-Will scoot a little while sitting and in the crawling position
-Remembers where things are - when searching for a toy or when something is always there and then removed.
-Is super noisy - babbles and Russ swears that he says dada
-Looks around at everything, will push you away if you are in
the way of what he is looking at
-Tries to suck on our faces and does raspberries
-Will stand by himself if holding onto something, like his crib.
-Pulls himself up on things into a standing position.
That's our sweet boy. He is so fun to play with and watch him learn new things everyday!

Reading with Daddy

This is another part of the bedtime routine. I just thought it was so cute, Connor looking at the book and then he looks up at Russ. This is my favorite part of putting Connor to sleep.

Bath Time Fun

Connor loves taking baths. We started them daily as part of his bedtime routine. We gave him his rubber ducks a few weeks ago and he LOVES them. If we don't put them in the bath with him right away he gets upset. One night he just leaned back, relaxed with his arm over the little tub, and started sucking on a duck. Here is our censored photo:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Connor Laughing

I was playing with Connor the other day and found out that he is ticklish...
Here is a little video of him cracking up, it is so so adorable!!

Eating Solids...

Connor has begun to eat some solid foods.  I think it has been more fun for me to make the baby food then it should.  He seems to enjoy it as well, so that is good.  We were able to get some pictures and video of the first few feedings.  I hope you enjoy.  So far Connor has had avocado, pears and cereal.  The next thing on the menu is bananas and green beans, or sweet potatoes... we will see.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Connor is SIX months old...!!!

Oh my goodness, I can not believe it has already been six months.  He is growing up so fast and getting too big.  We just got back from his six month doctor appointment and he is 16 lbs 11oz and is 27.5 inches long.
He now:
-Scoots along the floor (Russ keeps trying to teach him to crawl, against my wishes... ;)
-Shakes his head no all the time, but doesn't know what he is saying.  We were in the store the other day and a lady told him he was adorable and he shook his head no.
-Has started solid foods, so far rice cereal and avocado.
-He can sit up now with ease.
-Tries to put everything in his mouth.
-Is beginning to learn to pass items from one hand to the other.
-Is drooling a lot, but still doesn't have any teeth.
-Has begun to sleep  through the night.
-Is learning to put himself to sleep.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Connor is Officially Sitting Up

Yay, Connor is officially sitting up. I took this video this morning. We have been working on sitting up all week. He usually needed help and would fall over right away. He finally sat up all by himself. Our next goal is for him to get himself in the sitting position.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Connor Checking Out His Hands

Lately Connor has been checking out his hands. He looks at them as if he is trying to decide what to do with them. It is so adorable. Every time I try to catch him doing it on video he gets camera shy. But this time I got him... lol

Our New Dining Room Table

Russell finally sanded and refinished our dining room table. So not really a new table, it just looks brand new!!! He did a fabulous job and worked really hard to get it to look this great.

Connor Five Months Old

Has started spitting to keep himself entertained, I think he learned it from his cousin... :)
Rolls around like crazy
No longer takes a pacifier
Teething has become more dramatic - more crying, less sleeping and eating
Likes to eat his feet
Tries to sit up when he is lying down and ends up rolling over instead
Rolls all over the place
Sucks on anything you put near his mouth
Likes bath time, he kicks like crazy and gets Mom all wet
Continues to jump all the time, even when you are holding him
He tries to use his legs to crawl, but he doesn't have the arms figured out yet (thank goodness)
Loves watching motion

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Connor Four Months Old

This one is a little late, but August is always so busy with vacations. But better late than never... right.

Laughs at himself when he is playing.
Has become way more active.
Can sit up assisted.
Can stand up when holding him (and prefers it over sitting), but he is super wobbly.
Likes to jump/kick (we got him a johnny jumper)
Screams when he is happy and sad, it makes it hard to know what to do.
Drools and chews on everything, or rather puts everything in his mouth.
Starting to teethe.
Smiles when he is sleeping
Is becoming easier to read how he is feeling.
Rolls over a lot more now and is starting to scoot around the floor.
This is Connor with his girlfriend Annika.
Stay tuned for five months...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DC Trip

Wow, I know. I totally forgot to post pictures from our DC trip. Again, better late than never... :) We went to Washington DC at the end of June for Jeff's (Russ's oldest brother) wedding. We decided to go a little early and experience DC and celebrate our four year anniversary.
This is one of Washington's statutes inside the U.S. capitol. We were given a tour by one of Patty Murray's interns. We met in the Russell Senate office building (see below) and took an underground train to the capitol. On the train we ran into John Kerry.
This is Russell's building.
Connor did not like this photo. The snake may have scared him.Connor really liked watching the fish swim around. This was in one of the museums.

There was a great exhibit of photography. The pictures were amazing and it was fun to pose in front of them.
The Capitol Building
The White House, it was a lot more difficult to get to than I thought. It was a really hot and humid day and we got a little lost trying to find it.
This was a cool height measurement in the gift shop at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Russ measured 1,631,000 in 100$ notes, Connor only measured about $100,000.
Here is Connor next to the new hundred dollar bill that is coming out soon.
Russ and Connor in the space ship
These are the old desks and chamber where Congress met.

This is at Arlington National Cemetery. Connor and I in front of the Tomb of the Lost Soldiers.

Here is the changing of the guard, there were a ton of people there. I got in trouble because I was trying to see what was going on and kneeled down between some people and they told me that was disrespectful. So I got back up and felt bad.

Connor Rolls Over

Connor is rolling over. It is really funny, he hates being on his tummy and can't roll back over. So he wiggles around like a fish. Now we can not leave him anywhere by himself. I will put him in his crib while I change and then I hear him start whimpering and find that he had rolled over and can't get back. It's fairly amusing.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Connor, Maren and Aiden

Our good friends Luke and Lindsey also had a baby two days after Connor was born. Her name is Maren. They are already the best of friends. We were over visiting with them and David and Cody and got some pictures. David and Cody have an 18 month son, named Aiden and they were all playing.

Fourth Of July Weekend

This was Connor's first year in the Lake Cavanaugh Parade. Grandpa drives the the fire truck and Connor was able to get some pictures with his Great Grandpa.

Here is Connor drooling all over his Lake Cavanaugh Shirt. I don't know why the picture keeps turning sideways. But it is still adorable with his sideways hat.

Here is Connor on his first paddle boat ride. On the first one he fell asleep the whole time, the next one he was able to look around and have fun.Connor also took his first dip in the lake. He really liked his life jacket and sucked on the edges. Here is the video from his first dip. It is a family tradition to dip the babies in the lake. I have this picture of my mom dipping me in the lake and I started screaming!! Connor was like whatever, this is no big deal. Then we went in the hot tub to warm up and he didn't mind at all. He is so laid back.
This was so cute. All of the shoes were lined up at the front door, including Connor's little sandals.

This weekend we also celebrated Jake's 16th birthday. I can't believe my little brother is actually driving. He stopped by to show us his license on the 5th, the first day he was able to get this license. He was driving around everywhere. We are so proud of him!