Sunday, December 2, 2007

Baby Jared

These pictures were taken a while ago, but we thought we would show off Jared. This is our NEPHEW... don't worry, no babies yet. He is the cutest ever! And his parents think so too.
These pictures were taken at Jared's baby blessing about two or three months ago down in Tigard, Oregon. Watch out, in Oregon you can not pump our own gas!! But it was a very fun experience.

Gingerbread House

We decided to be crazy and spend four, yes four, hours making this fantabulous gingerbread house. At first we just wanted to spend about an hour and make something really simple. However, we had lots of candy to use and for some strange reason we decided to go all out. Anyways, if you are confused by our house, there is a garden on the left side, yes that is a garden. The roof was interesting because the graham crackers were not long enough to build the entire roof, so there are worm holes on each side. I am glad we do not have to live there.

Russell after spending 4 hours building the gingerbread house.

Casey was a little more worn out when they were done building the house, hence the sweatpants and messy hair.


Just an update for everyone. Russell will be interning for Larson and Gross with winter, during the tax season. This is a very big accomplishment for Russell, he worked very hard for this opportunity. The family is very proud of him. Casey also had the opportunity to get a job as a tutor and has two students that she tutors a week. The really funny thing is that she taught one of the kids last year during her student teaching in Language Arts and Social Studies. She will be tutoring the girl in Math, so it isn't her fault that she is flunking math. :) That is about it for now... more to come later.