Saturday, April 14, 2012

Connor eating his birthday cake

Connor didn't really eat his birthday cake. We made a dump truck cake and he wanted to play with the trucks and candles more than eat the cake. We finally fed some of it to him and he liked it. But didn't want to feed himself.

Sorry about the green lines, I can't get rid of them. I tried to upload several times.

Connor's Easter Experience

Connor's Easter basket this year consisted of some bouncy balls, a pacifier, chocolate (for his parents), some cars and a bunch of books. Here are his before and after pictures.
He really liked the pacifier, he used it right away.
Connor looking totally innocent. Guess who got to clean up the aftermath...

Connor is ONE YEAR OLD!!

Our baby has turned into a little boy. He has started to do a lot more things too:
-When he doesn't get his way he cries, super fun :)
-Walking more, getting more confident with how far he will walk.
-Loves playing in the grass, now that the weather is getting nicer.
-Has an opinion about things
-Tries to communicate what he wants by reaching for it. He will tell us he wants to go outside by reaching for the door, or if he wants a banana he will reach for it.
-Babbles more
-Likes to scream when he is excited.
-Can feed himself better, but prefers to be fed with messy foods. For example, he didn't really want to eat his birthday cake, I think because it was messy. But he also didn't really like it all that much (see picture below :)