Monday, September 29, 2008

Cattle Herding in Goldendale

Welcome to Goldendale!! While we were there we were able to witness a cattle herding. They were moving the cattle from one field to the other. They move them about every 6 months. They move them by pushing them out of the field onto the road and the make sure they don't take any turns they don't want them too. It was pretty interesing. We wanted to help, but knew that we would be in the way more than anything, so we decided to watch. To the right are some cows that were really mad at us for driving in the middle of them. Below is Andrea who lead our car through the herd of smelly and angry cows.

Here are some cows below that got out of our way by trying to jump the fence, when they were unsuccessful they would MOOOO at us. I told them to move faster and not worry, but they just kept mooing.

Here are some more upset cows. We also noticed that when they got more confused and scared on where to go they would go to the bathroom. And if you notice they are moving the cows on the road. So let it be said, our tires were covered in cow droppings.
Here are more cows running from us and trying to get where they were suppose to go. But they don't know where that is.
Here is my uncle Ray, he held up the back, making sure all the cows went where they were suppose to go and that none got left behind. What a smelly experience.

Goldendale Wedding

We went to visit my Great Grandma Willis this weekend. My cousin Joe was getting married, so we all got together. Goldendale is about an hour and a half south of Yakima, and it is a total farming community. As I am sure you will see with the cattle herding pictures that I will post later. This is my family with my Grandma Willis. Yes, I know Jake looks like a girl.
This is Joe and Amy Willis, my cousins that got married. It was a very beautiful wedding. The weather was perfect with a small breeze to keep us cool.

This is their "hick" cake. The cake topper says "just hitched" and it is a parade float. The cake was actually really good. The dancing was another fun hick aspect - they made everyone do the chicken dance. I don't think I have ever done that dance in a skirt, let alone at a wedding. It was a lot of fun and that was only Saturday night.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leavenworth Vacation

We had the pleasure of going to Leavenworth, Wa over Labor Day Weekend with the Rigby's and the Webb's. It was awesome!!!

There was some amazing weather as you can tell from the picture - of course really dry as well. This picture was taken at a park that had some really crazy looking rocks.

Here is Russell climbing up one of these crazy looking rocks. I told him not to since he was wearing sandles, but at least he came back alive. I am just glad that he didn't try to go any higher than that...
Last but not least we have us as Bavarians... Aren't we SO cute. This was outside the resort where we stayed. We went with Nathan and Sarah to take some pictures (well they took the pictures because we are pathetic and always forget our camera). It was all wet because Nathan decided to pour water all over Sarah's head during their photo. He thought he was so cleaver - but Sarah got him back and poured a water bottle down his shirt and it even got his socks all wet... he totally deserved it.